Date:  Jan 23, 2023
Country/Region:  IN
City:  Pune
Company:  Grupo Antolin Pune CAD (PUNA)




Senior Engineer - Logistics & Packaging

  1. Define and quote accurate and cost efficient packaging concepts in line with Internal & Customer expectations / standards and best practices
  2. Build and track Packaging Retro-planning in close cooperation with the Process Engineer.
  3. Transform Acquisition packaging definitions into detailed Packaging Studies based on 3D tools, focusing in cost efficient and cube-optimized packaging solutions.
  4. Validate detailed Packaging Studies with the affected parties (Internal Plants or Customer) ( Assumption : Follow up with plants / suppliers )
  5. Generate detailed Prototype Packaging Specifications based on concepts agreed in order to launch Packaging Prototypes.
  6. Define Prototype & Pre-series Expendable Packaging Specifications and related Packaging Instructions in order to support with such a packaging the temporary shipments of parts between toolmakers – Internal Plants / Customer Pilot Plants.
  7. Follow up the Prototype Packaging construction in close cooperation with the Packaging Supplier nominated
  8. Define and follow up the implementation of all the potential improvements needed in the Prototype Packaging in order to get it validated.
  9. Generate detailed Pre-series Packaging Specifications based on all potential changes executed during the Prototype Packaging Phase.
  10. Track the construction of the Pre-series packaging in line with specifications and in order to meet Mass Production
  11. Create the Packaging Instruction detailing the way the packaging defined must be used by its users.
  12. Create Emergency Packaging Specifications and related Instructions based on series packaging dimensions and density in an expendable packaging.
  13. Define Spare parts & Aftermarket parts packaging according to Customer expectations.
  14. Build Preliminary Logistics Flow Diagram (VSM)


Domain : Preferred Automotive industry


Technical Skill sets :

Automotive Logistics Knowledge (JIT, JIS, Warehousing, Stock calculation…)

Packaging Solutions definition

Transport knowledge

Logistics Cost Calculation methodologies

Logistics Value Stream Mapping

Lean Manufacturing