Date:  Jun 21, 2022
Country/Region:  IN
City:  Pune
Company:  Grupo Antolin Pune CAD (PUNA)




Global Product Support Engineer

  1. Define the product design input data, by releasing  the following deliverables: part numbers coding, BOM, list and availability of technical standards and test methods applicable to the product, list of special characteristics and productive materials technical specifications
  2. Support Product engineers for various documentation
  3. Create and update functional analysis and pilot DFMEA, initial and successive updates.
  4. Support Project Logistic Eng. in the definition of finished product packaging and productive materials packaging concept.
  5. Release Request for Purchase (RFP) to purchase for project productive materials
  6. Manage the purchase and production of prototypes, applying self-control according to prototypes control plan and coordinate their delivery to the Customer, together with the involved documents.
  7. Release RFP (initial and modifications) of productive materials and finished product packaging (prototype packaging & complete packaging fleet)
  8. Coordinate the approval of the transport trials for finished product packaging
  9. Assure the coherence among product documents and the documents released by other project team members, and keep informed other team members about their availability and update.
  10. Validate product design in PPCR gates (considering functionality, feasibility and capability; and in order to achieve project targets),  and establish action plan for NOK topics
  11. Assure product IMDS data integration in Customer's account, validating previously the data received from the Suppliers.