Date:  Jul 10, 2024
Country/Region:  US
City:  Nashville
Company:  Grupo Antolin Nashville, LLC (NSV)




Launch Manager

1. Champion of the successful launch of product lines within the specified quality, budget and timing targets that will ensure customer and plant level satisfaction. 
2. Facilitate and oversee program development, launch timelines and milestones that meet customer and program requirements. 
3. Establish and execute manufacturing quality launch plans to ensure all manufacturing quality deliverables are met.
4. Provide support in the establishment and development of suppliers.
5. Establish timing plans for construction and qualification of prototype and production tooling.
6. Ensure program technical performance requirements are met and work with customer teams to ensure validation tests and reports are completed in accordance to program timelines.  
7. Work under pressure with short completion times on projects.
8. Problem solve creatively and drive projects, resolve conflict and improve moral. 
9. Oversee new programs from concept / development through PPAP approval.
10. Drive the system to have capable and repeatable processes and product going into SOP.
11. Professionally represent Grupo Antolin Nashville at customer, vendor and corporate locations.
12. Practice and promote 5-S.
13. Any reasonable request deemed necessary by management.