Date:  Sep 17, 2023
Country/Region:  US
City:  Marlette
Company:  G.A. MICHIGAN (MCH)




INGP01 Production Manager

Functions / Tasks:                    
- Planning, programming, and optimization of the production in optimal conditions in terms of resources (people and machines) costs, quality, quantity, and time.
     - Shift coordination.
     - UET's Planning. 
     - Set Up Studies.
     - Machines Optimization: Performance Calculation. 
     - Manufacturing control and planning. 
     - New methods application. 
     - Plant layout (People and Machines).
     - Ensure UET meetings: 5 min daily and monthly following agenda. 
     - Reporting of the non conformities to the UET  leaders and contribute to the analysis and resolution. 
     - CGI Indicators, Progress Plan, and UET's. 
- Stimulate continuous improvement culture by following SP tools (5S, OPT, Kaizen) and management of improvement proposals (IDEA or similar system). 
- Collaboration with Engineering regarding planning, assembly, and start up of new projects. 
- Collaborators Management and Motivation: Training, Holidays, Leadership, Pay attention to his/her collaborators (they fix 90% of the problems), Support and help the UET Leaders.
- Coordination with HR department regarding the planning of personnel evolution and future needs. 
- Stock Control: Work with minimum stock. 
- Ensure proper direct labor training by applying Multiskilling Matrix. 
- Plant Indicators Monitoring: Gross Performance, Net Performance, MOD Effectiveness, Deviations,…
- Environmental Management System (EMS) Team member responsibilities including:
     - P-01.6 Management Responsibility - Improvement.
     - Assist in development of environmental objectives and targets. 
     - Environmental Policy compliance. 
     - Affected Operational and Emergency Instructions. 


(minimum / desirable)
Production/Operations Degree or related field
(minimum / desirable)
5 - 7 years experience in the automotive/ production field (required if candidate holds no degree)
PERSONAL ABILITIES Technical capacity, organizational skills, problem solving/analytical, customer/client focused, time management, collaboration, performance management, leadership