Date:  Sep 19, 2023
Country/Region:  US
City:  Marlette
Company:  G.A. MICHIGAN (MCH)




INDR10 Operational Excellence Coordinator

• To assure System adherence and performance improvement in a transversal way.
• Initial Implementation (IATF, QMS, CSR Ex. FormelQ, JLRQ…) coordinator to ensure that all departments meet automotive requirements.
• QMS KPIs monitoring in monthly basis with action plans for deviations
• Maintenance (changes implementation) and monitoring of System Health in every department
• Internal / External Audits (IATF certification audits, customer audits Ex.VDA, etc)
• Creation of improvement culture and environment inside the plant at all levels (IDEA/im3/ Recognition)
• Transversal  plan coordination to achieve industrial Budget (VAVE, CSO, Supply chain improvement)
• Methodology knowledge guarantor at all levels (VSM, Kaizen, PSE, LEAN, MPS)
• Support to the UET leaders for production excellence.