Date:  Jan 19, 2023
Country/Region:  US
City:  Louisville
Company:  Grupo Antolin Louisville (LVL)




INGM01-Logistics Manager

  1. Purpose and Scope



The purpose of this job description is to define the essential duties and responsibilities of the Materials Manager.



This applies to the position of Logistics Manager.



  1. Instructions


  1. Full customer satisfaction and on time delivery in a cost-effective manner.
  2. To comply with all the requirements of the company’s:

Quality Policy Manual


Instructions that apply to this position

  1. Internal customer satisfaction
  2. Strategic Materials Management Planning.
  3. Establishment, implementation, and effective operation of the Purchasing System.

Track Supplier Quality as per related Policies, Procedures, and Instructions.

  1. Optimal coordination of the department’s resources.

As Manager to coordinate in an optimal way, the resources assigned by the company to the Materials Management Department, in order to achieve the goals and responsibilities established for this area.

  1. Supervise Human Resources of the Materials Management Department.

Supervise human resources assigned to the department.  Define clearly job descriptions supported by training plans for all personnel involved in the Material Management function.

  1. Responsible for the maintenance of procedures related to Materials Management.
  2. Supervise Materials Requirement Planning with Center Planning Team.
  3. Supervise Process and Shipment of Customer Orders for timely delivery to satisfy the Final Customer.
  4. Responsible for the part of the Quality Operating System (QOS) related to Materials Management.

Responsible for tracking the key measurable relative to the materials organization in the Quality Operating System (QOS).  They will be reviewed with senior management on a routine basis.  QOS has to include at least the following key measurable pertaining to the Materials system:

Purchase Price Variance

Materials Usage Variance

Days of Stock (Raw Materials, Work In Process, Finish Goods)

Supplier Quality

  • Delivery Performance (to our customer)
  1. The Materials Manager reports directly to the Plant Manager.
  2. Education, Skills, Experience

A minimum:

Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Operations or related discipline

and seven (5) or more years experience.


  1. Procedures References  

DELIVERY                          PERFORMANCE MONITORING                                           QSP-132



SUPPLIER PERFORMANCE                                                                      SHIPPING AND SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT                    QSP-115     



  1. Instruction References

PURCHASING APPROVALS                                                                    PURCHASING APPROVALS                                   WIP-017



  1. Records

Quotation from Supplier (External to                                                 Retain for life of

Grupo Antolin Kentucky)                                                                   active part/material +



Unplaced Purchase Requisition                     PF-002                        Retain for NLT 2 years after bid


Purchase Order                                                                                   Retain for life of active part/material + 1 year


Supplier Quality Report (On network Excel)                                     Retain for NLT 3 years

Nearest Major Market: Louisville