Country/Region:  US
City:  China Township, St. Clair
Company:  MITC St Clair (STC)




INPF06 Mold Setter

Openings on Days & Midnight Shifts.

Safely removes, replaces dies from / into injection molding machines, prepares machine for efficient operation and start up machines. Drives elimination of non-value added steps

Adheres to the production schedule for timely mold changes
Set up molding machines by aligning die to nozzle tip which allows material flow.  Clamp die in press
Water the molds by connecting water hoses from water system to die.  Plug in hot runner system
Set safety bars in case of machine malfunction.  Must also set all limit switches, clamps, rapid travel, slow down speeds.  Low mold protection, etc.
Housekeeping. Clean up anything under the press and around the press such as old parts, garbage, water from tool change, mold setter tools.
Proper maintenance and storage of all mold setter tools and equipment used to perform their job.
Start up machine and robot for production
Works closely with Process Technicians to ensure efficiency in mold set up and run time
Ensures proper storage and location of all dies
Adheres to and follows the facility Quality Management system requirements in documentation and business actions