Date:  Nov 9, 2020
Country/Region:  US
City:  China Township, St. Clair
Company:  MITC St Clair (STC)




INLF07 HILO Driver

Safely drives gasoline, liquefied gas, or electric powered industrial truck equipped with lifting devices such as forklift, boom, scoop, lift beam and swivel hook, for grapple, clamps, elevating platform, or trailer hitch, to push, pull, lift, stack, tier, or move products, equipment, or materials.  Safely load and unload trucks with product.

Moves levers and presses pedals to drive truck and control movement of lifting apparatus.
Assure that all safety measures are in place on equipment and inspect prior to use.  Notify Supervisor of any unsafe working conditions immediately.
Positions forks, lifting platform, or other lifting device under, over, or around loaded pallets, skids, boxes, products, or materials or hooks two trucks to trailer hitch and transports load to designated area.
Recharges batteries, fills water, or replaces liquefied gas tank.
Operate powered industrial truck to transport, distribute materials and finished products or load trucks.
Ability to properly use a scanner.
Ensure all old labels are removed from empty containers prior to moving to any production location.
Understand and work at a pace which promotes efficiencies.
Respect all team members and encourage teamwork within the department.
Follow all policies and procedures as instructed.
Participate in problem solving and communicate any ideas for continuous improvement.
Maintain housekeeping in all areas worked.
Complete required paperwork and any necessary documentation in an accurate and timely manner.
Adheres to an follows the facility Quality Management system requirements in documentation and business actions.
Responsible for promoting a safe work environment and preventing injuries through the use of, but not limited to, 5S, job rotation, and ergonomic work practices.
Safely auditing, tracking of audit closure, participating in incident reviews also with writing or assisting in the 8D process and aiding in corrective action closure.
Communicate safety information as necessary and participation in safety meetings and activities is also required.