Date:  Aug 4, 2022
Country/Region:  ES
City:  Burgos
Company:  Grupo Antolin-Ingeniería. S.A. (ING)




Ingeniero de Verificación de Software



- Engineer in Automation and Industrial Electronics.

- Experience in the automotive sector in a position equivalent to at least 3 years.

- Experience in development and/or software verification of embedded systems.

- Proven experience as a development engineer and/or software verification in the automotive sector.

- Programming in C language of embedded systems.

- Knowledge of testing tools (QAC, Polyspace, Tessy).

- Knowledge ISO 26262 standard.

- Matlab/Simulink



- Identify and list the set of woftware requirements applicable to the project.

- Define the tests to be permormed to verify the software requirements.

- Define all the necessary test means to perform the software verification.

- Program and prepare the automatic tests (HIL) to be performed in the software verification.

- Configure the software quality tools (QAC, Polyspace and Tessy) for each project.

- Perform functional verification and system software (arquitecture level and system level).

- Perform the dynamic analysis of the software (software level - funtime errors - polyspace).

- Perform the static analysis of the software (software level - MISRA Standards and metrics - QAC).

- Perform unit testing of the software (unit level - Tessy). 

- Make all the documentatiosn corresponding to the verification and quality of software.

- Support the software development team (if necessary) in the differente meetings with the client.

- Carry out a Test Plan based on the differeent interations (sprints) of each project and the delivery steps to the custome