Date:  Jun 21, 2024
Country/Region:  US
City:  Auburn Hills
Company:  Grupo Antolin North America (GANA)




Quality Engineer

Quality Engineer    
Auburn Hills, MI

Who are we?


Antolin is a leading global automotive supplier, we are experts in designing, manufacturing, and supplying innovative solutions for vehicles around the world. Our product portfolio includes trim, headliners, and acoustic systems, as well as lighting and other interior systems. We offer comprehensive solutions with a focus on quality, safety, and sustainability. Our products are used in many of the world’s leading car brands, including JLR, BMW, Toyota, Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Ford.


What we offer:


  • You will be part of a highly engaged multinational with international career opportunities.
  • We offer you a learning journey adapted to your professional experience.
  • You will work on international projects for world- renowned companies in Automotive sector.
  • You can find an Open Environment to learn new technologies.
  • We can offer you a competitive salary, benefits and valuable OEM discounts.





The Quality Engineer is responsible for the implementation of quality deliverables to support the development and succesful launch of new programs/products, meeting customer expectations and enforcing Grupo Antolin standards and procedures.





  • When necessary, to lead a problem solving team, perform 8D report or task force in order to analyze non conformities, problems difficult to solve or complaints. Also initiate actions to prevent the reoccurrence of any non-conformity related to product process and quality systems.
  • Develops and conducts training sessions as required to ensure that the quality activities, G.A. procedures and systems are understood and implemented.
  • To support to the quality systems responsible in GANA with the documents or information related to the projects you are responsible when required, Internal or External audits of any kind.
  • To support to the quality systems responsible in any productive plant from the NAFTA Territory with the documents or information related to the projects you are responsible when required, Internal or External audits of any kind.
  • Trains and directs associates engaged in measuring and testing product and tabulating data concerning materials, product, or process quality and reliability.
  • During project launch:
    •  Ensure implementation of related activities of the control plans and makes all revisions that are required.
    • Investigates and verifies corrective action for internal and external concerns as required.
    • Audit every delivery to customer together with the plant quality engineer, using grupo antolin product audit report and procedures.
    • Verify and constantly improve the quality of the productive process and product through parameters and scrap analysis, using the internal follow up scrap documentation I-P09 Internal rejection monitoring , until achieve the set up target.
    • Compliance with the Grupo Antolin standards for checking fixtures HD2 / HD3 / HD4. Testing devices according to the specification book.
    • Review the status of the Incoming material having 100% of the incoming material approved according to the specifications and according to the PQF timing plan. To perform supplier complaints when necessary according to Grupo Antolin procedures.
    • Perform the product validation plan according to the customer specifications identified the test which fails and setting up the action plan for achieving the requirement.
    • Review the process qualification conditions definition.
    • Help the quality engineers of the plant to get & perform the general quality documents of the line  (Visual Aids , Control Guide lines on Key working stations)
    • Perform and maintain the Dossier AQPP of the project until delivery to the plant.
    • Create and maintain PPAP documents according to G.A. Procedures & customer requirements, presenting Initial Samples to Customer until approval.
    • Support the project team with issues related improvements/modifications or changes according to GA standards per customer requirement or due to internal needs.
    • Coordinate activities related to quality controls with plant quality engineers, technicians or inspectors.
    • Responsible for customer interfacing on quality issues for assigned responsibilities. Agreements related to definitions of validation plans, checking fixtures, PPAP parts presentations, cubings, visits, etc…
  • At the time of performing the internal process approval, perform the process qualification conditions audit, analyzing all the relevant &special characteristics, materials, process parameters, working instruction executed by workers, and status of tooling ( production and testing devices), verifying that the line is producing parts according to the definition in quantity and quality manner.
  • Perform the IPA process with the project team, working together with all the collaborators from corporate and from the plant until successful launch of the project.  
  • IPA 2 process validated previous to SOP.
  • To help to productive plants to Develop and conduct Multidisciplinary meetings to ensure the proper fulfilment of APQP Dossier, having all the documentation updated at the same time, and that the validation of the Process (IPA) on the project phases or during the serial life is performed according to GA procedures.
  • PQF (Project Quality Review), presented updated on regular basis, having perfectly identified red items ( what, when, where, how many, how much, who ), with proper analysis of the root causes, and with and agreed action plan , with responsible and date for accomplishment of the action to get the final green status.
  • Adhere to safety rules and regulations.
  • Abidance by Antolin rules
  • Application of customer requirements
  • Adhere to Antolin process and procedures.
  • Train mentor quality personnel when required or needed.
  • Fulfilment of any new task or additional reasonable request deemed necessary by supervisor.


1) Products Quality Historic Review
2) Project Quality Targets Proposal: G-CAB2-02-IV, Projects Targets


3) Prototypes Validation Plan: P-CAB4-01, Product Development -Validation  
4) Prototypes Control Plan Elaboration: P-CAB2-05, Control Plan 5) Design FMEA Team Review Complete from FMEA Checklist: P-CAB4-02, Product F.M.E.A.
6) Process FMEA Team Review Complete from FMEA Checklist: P-CAB2-08, Process F.M.E.A.
7) Control and Testing Dossier Complete: P-CAB11-01, Control and Testing Device Management
8) Design Verification Plan (DVP) Complete and Approved: P-CAB4-01, Product Development –Validation


Related Project Documents, Procedures, & Functions 

9) Prototype Components Incoming - check 
10) Control and Testing Means Definition / List: P-CAB11-01, Control and Testing Means Managing 11) Design FMEA Team Review Complete from FMEA Checklist: P-CAB4-02, Product F.M.E.A.
12) Process FMEA Team Review Complete from FMEA Checklist: P-CAB2-08, Process F.M.E.A.
13) Prototypes Checking: P-CAB4-01, Product Development – Validation
14) Preliminary Prototype Process Capability Completed
15) Prototypes Validation Tests (Level 0): G-CAB10-02-I, Development Test
16) Prototypes Validation Result Analysis: G-CAB10-02-I, Development Test
17) Corrective Actions Plan According to Results: G-CAB10-02-I, Development Test
18) Prototypes Internal Validation: P-CAB4-01, Product Development – Validation
19) Audit of Prototypes to Deliver to the Customer: G-CAB2-02-III,  Prototypes/ Special Batches Managing
20) Process Verification Plan (PVP) Complete: P-CAB4-01, Product Development – Validation


21) Control & Testing Means Building Monitoring: P-CAB6-06, Suppliers P.P.Q.A Monitoring
22) Process FMEA Team Review Complete from FMEA Checklist: P-CAB2-08, Process F.M.E.A. 23) Serial Prod. Control &Testing Means Reception-Acceptance: P-CAB11-01, Control and Testing Means Managing
24) First Samples from Suppliers Reception-Acceptance: P-CAB6-07, First Samples from Suppliers
25) Control Plan Elaboration (Preserial - Serial Production): P-CAB2-05, Control Plan
26) Elaboration of First Sample Validation Testing Plan: P-CAB4-01, Product Development –Validation
27) Process Validation - Internal Acceptance: P-CAB2-09, Process Validation
28) Testing According to Validation Plan (First Samples): G-CAB10-02-I, Development Test
29) First Samples internal Validation – Check: P-CAB2-10, First Samples to Customer


30) Production Process Capability Completed: P-CAB2-09, Process Validation
31) Pareto Analysis of all Issues is Complete and Issues are Addressed                   


Statistical Process Control Requirements

  • Ensure all charting is in compliance with the guidelines of the Statistical Process Control Manual.
  • Ensure all applicable SPC requirements are in place and understood.
  • With the assistance of each applicable department, develops, and implements SPC charting


What we are looking for:


  • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or ASQ Certified Quality Engineer Certification, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • TSI Certification preferred
  • 4+ years of experience with MERCEDES, BMW, VOLKSWAGEN or FCA, GM, FORD or NISSAN,TOYOTA, HONDA Customers managing projects directly as a TIER 1.
  • Basic computer skills
  • Ability to stand and sit in an office and manufacturing plant environment, may require material lifting and movement manually.
  • Travel: approximately 35% and is subject to change based upon customer needs.
  • Domestic Travel within the US: 30%. International Travel: Up to 5%
  • Language Required:  English (Fluency with Reading, Writing, Speaking)


Here at Antolin, we are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity in our workplace. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to any of these protected characteristics. We encourage applications from all individuals and strongly support diversity in our workplace. We strive to create an inclusive environment for everyone, and we are committed to treating everyone in a fair and equitable manner. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment.



Nearest Major Market: Detroit