Date:  Oct 13, 2020
Country/Region:  CN
City:  Suzhou
Company:  Guangzhou Socop Lamps Ltd (CGZ)




Electronics Project Manager

1. To define project baselines and report periodically the project status.
2. To assure the projects are followed according to Project Mangement process.
3. To monitor the project economically, being responsible for consumed resources as well as for tangible and intangible results.
4. To perform the evaluation of the performance of the Personnel dedicated in the project, depending on their level of occupation, so that can be used by the corresponding Department.
5. To manage the modifications of the product-process including their economical impact which must be supported by the customer depending on the responsibility of the change.
6. To schedule and execute the phase closures evaluating all related activities ensuring their correlation with the major milestones of the project according to the planning of the project.
7. To develop and manage the project risks and action plans to minimize and/or cancel their effects.
8. To track the evolution of the project work identifying and solving potential problems, validating alternative solutions and according any changes in the content of the project.