Country/Region:  CN
City:  Shanghai
Company:  Antolín Shanghai Office ACI (ACI)




Legal Supervisor

          岗位职责/Job Responsibilities

  1. 提供高质量、高标准的法律咨询,包括合同审查、公司事务、房地产事宜及相关诉讼案件的处理,以降低集团在中国区各法人实体的相关风险;

    Provide general legal advice in China with quality and standard to reduce the risks of GA China entities, including specifically contract review, corporate matters, real estate and litigations;

  2. 为集团中国区的工业保险之有效管理提供必要协助;

    Provide necessary help and assistance for the effective management of the industrial insurances of the group in China;

  3. 确保中国区法务部门与总部法务部门之间的顺畅、高效沟通,保证所有重要的法律事务能及时向总部进行汇报;

    Ensure a smooth and high efficient communication between GA China legal function and HQ legal department to assure all important legal issues are reported to HQ on a timely manner;

  4. 与外部律师进行协调,审查其服务内容和相关发票;

    Coordinate with external lawyers and review their service content and relevant invoices;

  5. 总部领导交办的其他事宜。

    Other duties as assigned by HQ superiors from time to time.



    岗位要求/Job Requirements

  1. 曾担任公司法务经理/主管工作2年以上,有外企工作经验者优先;

           Relevant work experience as the legal manager/supervisor over 2 years, those who has worked in a foreign company is preferred;

      2. 法学相关专业或通过司法资格考试者;

          Legal related major or passed the National Judicial Examination;

      3. 熟练的英文书写及沟通能力,英文可作为日常工作语言。

          Fluent English both in oral and writing, and English can be used as daily working language.