Date:  Aug 4, 2022
Country/Region:  IN
City:  Pune
Company:  Grupo Antolin Pune (PUNE)




Quality Engineer

  1. To review the Project input data and identify and manage the requirements linked with Quality, among others, the following ones: Quality Commitments (including Quality Targets), Quality requirements and the specific Customer Specific Requirements (CSR)
  2.  To plan the activities for the definition and management of proto and serial control and testing means, as well as those necessary for conducting validation tests
  3. To document the Prototype Control Plan and the Prototype validation plan.
  4. To define the necessary Control and Testing Means to control the prototypes, issuing the corresponding specifications and launching the RFP To purchasing Department with the necessary information to manage the nomination with the Suppliers.
  5. To define and document the Functional Validation Plan (and to present it to the Customer for acceptance when required).
  6. To document the List of Control and Test Means and update that with the delivery and acceptance status.
  7. To collect and build, when required by the Customer, the content of the APQP dossier for presentation: project products, List of project norms, List of customer norms, List of special features, Quality commitments, etc.
  8. To make the controls assigned to Quality, tests (e.g. dimensional measurements) as well as the product audits before delivery of the prototype parts to the Customer according to the Prototype Control Plan
  9. To coordinate and make the follow-up of the completion of the tests defined in the Prototype Validation Plan, including the analysis of the results of the tests carried out for the internal acceptance of the prototypes.
  10. To create the Pre-Series or Launch Control Plan.
  11. To issue the Specification Dossiers of the Control and Testing Means to be purchased.
  12. To update the Pre-Series Control Plan, as well as the Specification Dossiers of Control and Testing Means.
  13. To issue the corresponding Requests for Purchase and / or Modification for the  Control and Testing Means.
  14. To track the status of the initial samples approval of the productive materials of the Project.
  15. To make the APQP follow-up through the APQP Planning received from the Control/Test Mean Supplier to ensure delivery on time.