Date:  Aug 6, 2022
Country/Region:  IN
City:  Pune
Company:  Grupo Antolin Pune CAD (PUNA)




Lead Engineer - Electronics Manufacturing Process

1 - Management of everything associated to Electronic Process within the development project.
2 - Assure communication between project team, plant and suppliers regarding electronic process.
3 - Assure the fulfillment of GA procedures regarding electronic process engineering.

General Tasks:
1 - Check manufacturing feasibility of the electronic design.
2 - Define and launch the RFP of the production resources.
3 - Management and follow-up the production resources, timing, cost, modification, etc
4 - Manufacturing cost calculation to answer the customer RFQs.
4 - Management together with E-Manufacturing Manager and the Industrial Direction of the "MAKE vs BUY".
5 - Plan and management of the trials to set-up and approve the production resources.
6 - Management of the pre-serial manufacturing together with the manufacturing plant.
7 - Agree for the conditions to qualify the process, Cp and Cpk studies.
8 - Management of the installation of the production resources and process together with plant.
9 - Communication between project team and production plant.
10 - Look for suppliers of production Resources (machines, technologies, etc).
11 - Define the process in the project (investment, tooling, assemblies, number of operators, cycle time, etc)
12 - Management of the process according to procedure (P06 or new Electronic Procedure) with the documents required (lay-out's, process description, PFMEA, production means list, etc).
13- Follow up of our EMS suppliers from the quotation phase until the end of life of every project focused in the correct industrialization.

Documentation Tasks:
1 - Perform and manage documentation and records resulting from the application of Manufacturing activities.
2 - Manufacturing capacity calculation.