Date:  Nov 19, 2023
Country/Region:  IN
City:  Pune
Company:  G.A. Design & Business (DBS)




Eco Design Engineer

Eco-Design Engineer

Job Description- 

1. Prepare LCA report for particular Plant, Customer by requesting the required information to respective department (Engg.,Plant..)
2. Collect the inputs from suppliers, validate the LCA reports from them - Best Practice of LCA Application – Manufacturing, Automotive, Mobility and beyond
3. Consolidate and prepare Company’s report and submit it to requester.
4. Provide training to company/organization.
5. Contribute to development and improvement of LCA process ,standards ,timings 
6. Understanding of Activities on European Commission level

7. Experience with Life Cycle Assessment ( LCA ) software :  Mainly GaBi, useful if : Simapro ,Open LCA.. at least 2 years 

8. Automotive global requirements in Sustainability

9. Knowledge of Life Cycle Assessment ( LCA ) software :  GaBi

10. Knowledge about Green House Gases emission: Mainly now with Carbon foot print

11. Material compliance regulations : REACH, IMDS