Date:  Nov 18, 2020
Country/Region:  CZ
City:  Ostrava-Hrabová
Company:  Grupo Antolin Ostrava (OST)




Manufacturing Quality Manager (Quality engineer)

Customer's Management
 - Management of Customers
 - Supporting customer’s requests keeping GA standards
 - Application of customer requirements
 - Access to Customer's portals to manage feedback from customers (customer claims, customer indicators, report 8Ds, input data for product validation) VAATZ (HMMC) system for Korean hall, BEON for German hall
-  Customer claims' management: To Lead a team or task force when neccessary to analyze non-conformities, problems difficult to solve or complaints, using root cause analysis tools (post-its, 5whys, Ishikawa)
Documentation and Production support
 - Management of Documents on the line under responsibility of Quality (Failure's catalog, Quality alerts, Visual Aids, Control Guidelines, Control gauge's instructions, first part release forms, etc)

Scrap's Management
- Management of internal Scrap ( Analyze problems and implement actions to reduce the scrap)
 -Management of external Scrap, Management of External Quality walls, (reception of returned parts, analyze problems and implement actions to reduce the scrap)
- Coordination of reworks applying rework instructions

New Projects and APQP Dossier (Advanced product quality planning)
- Support to the supplier's Q. Engineer for the PPAP of the projects under your responsibility, according to G.A.Procedures.
 -Project management  together with project team, helping to solve any problem regarding the new projects launch.
- Help to coordinate product changes in serial, quality review and marking of parts for trials.
 -Member of FMEA team. Leader of Control plan team.
 -Prepare training for operators together with colleagues (i.e.process engineer) about your projects, training for quality wall, controlling instructions, control gauge usage, quality alerts, changes in working instructions, new projects quality particularities, QMS aspects to be aware and focus, etc.

Sampling, PPAP and incoming materials management, ISIR
 -Support to management of Suppliers when necessary ( Complaints, modifications, improvements etc.. )       
 -Task for Customer systems related to monitoring PPM, quality issues in customer line, logistics ( lot tracking system), field claim and management of EO etc.
- Proceed ISIR ( PPAP ) to get approval from customer for new projects, drawing changes, 4M change and so on

 -Coperation during audits, preparation of all necessary documentation

-Compliance with H&S regulations set by the Labor Code, intenal Work rules document and the company's internal documentation (IF-GAO-B-P111 including all related documentation).