Date:  Sep 22, 2022
Country/Region:  GB
City:  Leamington Spa
Company:  Grupo Antolín UK - Grays (GUKG)




Product Engineer

Primarily responsible to the Project Team to assure total support and management of the program within the functional area of Product Engineering.Secondarily responsibility to the functional (Product Engineering) department to observe all policies and procedures for that functional area to participate in the continuous improvement of systems and processes.



• Coordinates and follows product engineering responsibilities from design concept, through Prototype build, pilot, production, and life of the program.
• Provide feasibility input to support Studio Design & Package Requirements.
• Champion, support and participate in Design and Engineering Reviews.
• Create and maintain a Master Section Package for the Commodity.
• Work with advance engineering, styling and the company’s technical centre on development of the Concept and feasibility of components and vehicle level integration.
• Work with, and direct the CAD team to ensure all engineering parameters and customer requirements are being fulfilled on a timely basis. 
• Update Product Definition whenever project definition changes.
• Develop the DFMEA, DFM and other engineering disciplines if specified by the customer.
• Organise and develop Design concepts, product architecture and set internal Engineering specifications.
• Directs, coordinates, assigns tasks, and works with customer engineers to bring all Engineering disciplines together on the project.
• Participate in all customer meetings which impact the design and engineering of the commodity.
• Represents all Product Engineering concerns at project team meetings.
• Creates and maintains an Engineering Open Issues List.
• Define and identify SC's / CC's for the commodity according to customer specification or the company’s internal specifications.
• Prepare preliminary detail drawings, with assistance of CAD design group
• Prepare layouts/detail drawings for review and release, with assistance of CAD design group
• Utilize and apply GD&T.



• Develop DVP&R, obtaining customer approval, and initiating all laboratory and virtual tests.
• Administer and over check Simulated product tests (CAE) and later physical tests in compliance with the DVP&R and assess the product design in line with internal and customer requirements reporting all findings internally and to the customer.
• Ensure that the product design complies with all product requirements and any international Legal standards when applicable.
• Ensure that the product meets all engineering objectives and targets for weight, acoustics, water sealing, cost, service etc.


• Works with build coordination and technology group (process) engineer to direct design verification build and prototype build and record all design problems. 
• Assigns all design problems to proper engineering discipline for countermeasure.
• Responsible for Design Verification and Product Validation of the project, through liaison with the test lab and quality departments.
• Interfaces with the customer to ensure all engineering needs and requirements are being met.
• Coordinates engineering changes through the customers and internal systems during the Development Phase.
• Evaluates and approves design changes, specifications and drawing releases.
• Works with the Project Manager and other engineers to establish priorities and assign tasks to complete the project according to the defined schedule.
• Support launch at the customer assembly plants.