Date:  Nov 9, 2019
Country:  US
City:  China Township, St. Clair
Company:  MITC St Clair (STC)




Tooling Technician (Tool & Die)

Afternoon Position

Disassemble, maintain, reassemble and clean molding tools per PM cycle or to support efficient production..
Prepare tooling for storage and production in between scheduled production.
Replace standard components within mold such as inserts, springs, ejector pins, slides, friction pullers and fittings.
Maintain inventory control duties for spare parts required for maintenance.
Maintain housekeeping and 5S of area
Assist in troubleshooting and corrective action for tooling in production for process improvement.
Maintain maintenance and repair records.
Ensure crane, slings, chains, etc. are inspected and in proper safe working order.