Date:  Jun 23, 2022
Country/Region:  ES
City:  Burgos
Company:  Grupo Antolin-Ingeniería. S.A. (ING)




Ingeniero de proyectos techos

Project Engineer



- Create the planning for all activities related to the product design and process activities, including process and productive means design, productive means construction, implementation and validation. Regular follow-up to assure project milestones fulfilment.

- Define the product required by the Customer based on product design standards and product design input data.

- Define the productive means (tools and machines) for the prototypes manufacturing, including Technical Specifications & managing the purchase. Define Prototypes manufacturing instructions.

- Define the process, taking into account the correspondent Design Standards and the process Input Data.

- Check, together with Plant Engineering, that the capacitive machines assigned to the project are adequate, capacitive and on time.

- Support Project Logistic Eng. in the definition of finished product packaging and productive materials packaging concept and in the definition of the purchase strategy of project productive materials.

- Manage numeric simulations, when necessary and applicable, and with their results, improve the Product definition, updating when necessary the drawings and other product documents involved.

- Define the specific productive means (tools and specific machines)Technical Specifications, taking into account Standard Technical specs. Define the work-in-progress packaging.

- Manage the purchase and production of prototypes.

- Coordinate the approval of the transport trials for finished product packaging.

- Validate product design and Process design (to be used for the productive means kick-off). Establish action plan for NOK topics.

- APQP follow-up for the productive means and direct service suppliers.

- Manage modifications with possible impact on product and /or in process (product & process definition) both from technical and economic sides. When requested, collaborate in technical negotiation with Customers and Suppliers. Support project manager on economic aspects of products and process definition (costs, investments...).

- Technical contact with the Customer for discussing Eng. product issues, in order to get final Customer's parts approval.

- Technical contact with the Supplier for discussing Eng. product issues, in order to get final PPAP approval.

- Manage preliminary approvals for productive means, coordinate and process implementation in the final factory, together with the affected factory departments (Engineering, Quality, Production and H&S).


Academic Education:

Bachelor's Degree in Engineering.



Advanced user: Microsoft Office and SAP

Knowledge and experience in automotive industry working on similar functions.



English and Spanish: High level.

German: Low Intermediate (minimum).


Professional Experience: 5 years