Date:  May 01, 2019
Country:  US
City:  Auburn Hills
Company:  Grupo Antolin North America (GANA)




SP Manager

Scope: To implement and to audit GA Improvement Systems (Total Quality Management and Production System GA), according procedures and standards, in Grupo Antolín Companies,  giving support for their implementations, following standardized roadmap of GA.




Improvement Systems Definition:

  • To be the Department reference in the Territory about the knowledge in the Improvement Systems.
  • To promote the use and respect of such Improvement Systems.
  • To gather all proposals in order to improve the Improvement Systems in the territory and channel them to Corporate Improvement HQ.



  • To coordinate and support the Implementation of the Improvement Systems in new Companies, according roadmap defined by Corporate Improvement HQ..
  • To implement Improvement Projects per company (focused in companies with SP Level < 1), helping and advising on the best method or tool for execution. Always working with method and sharing knowledge to people working on these projects, with the advice of Corporate Improvement HQ.
  • To support  companies in implementing concrete tools of SP upon their request or upon request of Direction, with the advice of Corporate Improvement HQ.


Improvement Follow-up:

  • To plan the SP Self-Assessment  with Corporate Improvement HQ on yearly basis.
  • To support official SP Self-Assessment and to guarantee reliability of the assessment with evidences of implementation.
  • To make a proposal of Improvement objectives per plant with consensus of territorial Director.
  • To report SP Self-Assessment and Improvement Action Plans to Corporate Improvement HQ.
  • To ensure that defined Action Plans are applied and make follow-up till closure.
  • To mainstream Best Practices inside territory.
  • To ensure SP assessors  in the territory. If an assessor leaves the Company, to manage and coordinate the qualification of a new assessor with Corporate Improvement HQ.
  • When requested by Corporate Improvement HQ (with veto in Improvement Plans definition and follow-up), modify, reinforce, and sustain.


Reporting and Escalations:

  • To report on quarterly basis situation about listed functions through indicators (SP Level and follow up of Improvement Plan per company) and other deliverable upon request, to Corporate Improvement HQ.
  • To escalate any critical situation in the Territory about Improvement Systems to Corporate Improvement HQ.
  • To escalate any request from customers related to Improvement Systems to Corporate Improvement HQ.


Required Experience/Knowledge:

  • Bachelor's in Engineering, Technical Engineering (Graduate) or Technical Studies (Example: Mechanical)
  • Team Management
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • People Improvement: Methods and times knowledge, Managing abilities


Preferred Experience:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Access, PowerPoint, and specially Excel, im3, and Idea)


Personal Abilites/Skills:

  • Customer orientation
  • Active and Systematic
  • Negotiation and communication abilities
  • Result Oriented
  • Positive attitude
  • Patience
  • Management skills to coordinate people

Nearest Major Market: Detroit

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